I was born and raised in Ferrara, Italy, a city noted for its rich historical and artistic heritage.

I started my activity in 1997 as a doll artist. I  have exhibited in United States (Washington, Chicago), France (Cannes) and Italy (Milan). I won many international awards, like the American “Doll Of The Year Industry’s Choice award” in 2008 and 2009. Articles and imagines concerning my production appear regularly on famous magazines (“Doll Reader”, “Contemporary Doll Collector”, “Dolls”, etc.)
You can find my dolls at: Children of the heart  (East Lansing, Michigan),
Hellman Gallery  (Chicago, Illinois), Dollmasters  (Annapolis, Meryland), About face (St. Petersburg, Florida).

Recently my creativity, stimulated by design objects and traditional sculptures, has given birth to the “Melting clocks” and “Memento hominem heads”, sculptures thought for your pleasure and everyday life.